The Research Department

The Research Department in the administrative staff contributes in improving the quality of treatments and patient satisfaction at Zealand University Hospital and in the rest of the Zealand Region by promoting, supporting and conducting health research and development in clinical practice through international project collaborations.

Our history

The research department in the staff is a department at Zealand University Hospital that helps researchers get financial support for research ideas. The department started in connection with the development of an Interreg project and was first assigned directly to the Region until it became part of the university hospital in 2019. The department moved to Køge and was named RePCO (Research projects and clinical optimization). Over time, the department took on more tasks and in 2022 changed its name to the current, The Research Department in the staff.

We promote, support and contribute to research


Discuss your research idea with us. Get an insight into possible funds and make use of our broad network for new research collaborations.

With knowledge of fund grants and experience in applying for international funds, we have a high success rate and pave the way for more professional groups to do research.

We help you from the beginning of a project idea to facilitating the research collaboration, management throughout the project period and reporting to the fund.

A qualitative lens provides deeper insight and data for implementing results. Innovation in particular relies on a necessary insight into the users’ perspective.

Communication lifts your project to new heights and means better internal project collaboration, publicity in the media and collaboration with opinion makers.

A realistic budget, good administration and financial management ensure funding as well as compliance with rules and frameworks within the project.

Our team

We develop research ideas and create partnerships.